Workplace Violence Consulting

There is no doubt that in today's world your organization needs a sound workplace violence management "system" that's unique and tailored to your staff's needs.  And, since each department within your facility or system has different threat potentials, you cannot simply apply a "one-size-fits-all" approach and expect success.

WCI Consulting, a division of Warrior Concepts International, can help you at every stage of your project because we understand the problems unique to the medical industry.  When you partner with WCI, you get help with everything from policy review and development all the way through to litigation support and protecting your organization's reputation in the aftermath.

We'll help you build teams focused on producing positive outcomes, who are focused on deescalation of threats but also capable of employee ethical self-defense and control techniques to protect everyone involved.

Employee Safety & Self-Defense Training

WCI Consulting knows that a conventional workplace violence policy based on "zero tolerance," "banned-weapons" lists, and punitive action statements isn't going to protect you and your people from an actual act of violence.

Our experts have extensive training and real-world experience.  This includes not only handling a wide variety of attacks, but also what types of attacks and attack methodologies are used by potential attackers.  This knowledge and experience, as well as the ETHICS of using self-defense, is behind every training program we create for you - each tailored to your departmental-based needs.

Employee training must also, by its very nature, be different for medical professionals.  Therefore, the approach taken to protect you, your people, and your organization from the negative impact from an attack cannot be based on a universal, templated policy or conventional self-defense training program for employees.

Threat Assessment and Policy Review

Every department, from the ER and Psych to Human Resources and your C-Level Suite, has its own unique threats, and therefore require different considerations when designing your policies, procedures, and the accompanying employee training programs.

WCI's trained experts have your organization's best interests in mind.  We are not salespeople calling ourselves "security consultants," but independent advisors focused on identifying weaknesses and potential threats to both executive management and employees at all levels, then helping you close those gaps.

Our extensive Threat Assessment, Policy & Training Review is the FIRST critical element in protecting you and your people from harm.  Then, we can sit down with your and show you how we can help you develop and implement a solid plan, including effective policies, improved security, and training designed to make everyone more safe - before, during, and after an attack.

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Why Should Your Organization Choose WCI for Its Workplace Violence Prevention, Security, & Staff Training Needs?

As you know, the greatest compliment that a client can give is to refer you to others.  WCI strives to always exceed expectations and provide accurate information, professional service, and training programs unlike any other available elsewhere.

See what a few of our clients, and those who have participated in our workplace violence training and employee self-defense programs, have to say about WCI and our leader, Jeffrey M. Miller SPS, DTI.


Real Case Studies from Other Professionals Like You...

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Mr. Miller presented a 1 hr lecture on bedside self defense and crisis de-escalation techniques for bedside nurses and other caregivers. He provided over 150 attendees with an excellent summary of non lethal and minimally invasive measures they could implement to assure their safety. I would highly recommend him to any group for this type of lecture and would also suggest that companies consider offering his lecture/instructional courses as a series over a few weeks so that attendees can develop and sharpen their skills and leave feeling even more empowered.

Dr. Patricia Manni
Pulmonary Critical Care
Geisinger Medical Center
Danville, Pa.

I've known Jeffrey Miller for years and have personally trained with him. He's smart, professional and stays up to date with current issues and trends taking place in the security space. He's an excellent trainer and consultant. Any time an agency, organization or individual spends with him will benefit.

Mark S. Booher
Former Prosecutor
Rubican Training Group
Fayetteville, AR

workplace violence

I have worked with Jeffrey Miller on a publication project that has had national and international attention in the field of workplace violence in healthcare sector. His chapter "Incident Control, Attack Avoidance, Escape and Physical Self-Protection Training in Healthcare Settings" contributed to the success of our book: Workplace Violence in Mental and General Healthcare Settings, Jones and Bartlett Publisher, 2011, (ed Privitera MR). This book won the national award: 2012 Manfred Guttmacher Award from the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law for outstanding contribution to the field of Forensic Psychiatry. Jeffrey has truly enhanced the field to reduce risk of violence toward staff and reduce the risk of injury in a way that is a missing piece of many organizational attempts to reduce workplace violence in healthcare.

Dr. Michael Privitera
Dept of Psychiatry
University of Rochester Medical Center
Rochester, NY

Since 1993

Why We're Not Your Typical Security Consultancy or Training Company!

Warrior Concepts International custom tailors every service and training program to the unique needs of your facility. And since the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation has determined that the medical industry is in a class all its own when it comes to violence in the workplace - with your own unique set of threats, sources, and conditions - our experts are here to help you protect everything from your reputation and risk of liability, to the safety and well-being of your management, medical professionals, and support staff from the types of violence that is prevalent in your workplace.

Why trust your organization to a conventional security company focused only on cameras, locks, and badges; or a former HR manager-turned-consultant who will merely quote OSHA guidelines and offer you a reworked template focused only on prevention and reporting, while leaving you exposed to the effects of the operative word in the equation... "VIOLENCE?"

WCI is a highly specialized consulting firm focusing primarily on keeping you and your people safe during an actual, unpreventable act of violence.  But, this isn't just about "self-defense training."  It's about all of your systems, policies, and procedures working together to prevent, mitigate, handle, AND continue on...

Before, During, and After an act of violence can be, or has been carried out.

Our experts understand the nature and sources of violence, as well as different attacker mindsets and methodologies, because we've been there, on the wrong side of a fist, knife, or bullet. We understand the confusion and problems you face when creating your policies, and in correctly determining exactly what you need. That's why our first step is to assess your unique needs, determine what's already in place and working, and then create customized solutions tailored to keeping your facility and staffing safe: before, during, and after an incident.

Warrior Concepts International is different, because we're here to protect you in those unfortunate moments when...

Prevention is NOT Enough!


Workplace Violence Survival Experts

Jeffrey M. Miller SPS, DTI, president and CEO of WCI Consulting, is the senior executive in charge of the workplace violence prevention, management, and consulting branch of Warrior Concepts International, Inc. Mr. Miller is an internationally known and recognized speaker, author, trainer and expert in the realms of ethical self-defense, attack avoidance, assault evasion and personal safety. He is a former federal law enforcement officer and undercover investigator, private detective and member of the United States Army Military Police Corps. He has also served on personal protection details as a bodyguard for His Holiness, the Dalai Lama of Tibet and several other Tibetan teachers visiting the U.S.; the Commanding General during Operation Urgent Fury in Grenada; U.S. and foreign dignitaries during a memorial dedication along the DMZ between North and South Korea, and several members of the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders touring outside the country.

Mr. Miller has over 30 years of leadership, management and real-world law enforcement and security experience in dealing with aggressive and violent individuals. He specializes in identifying weaknesses in security systems and training individuals and teams at all levels in proven and time-tested methods for handling and surviving violence and violent individuals using ethical self-defense techniques and with the organization's liability and reputation in mind.. Mr. Miller and his team of professional experts regularly give keynote and breakout presentations, conduct risk and threat assessments, design and improve upon current policies and procedures, and conducts both executive/management and employee-level training, as-well-as creating "train-the-trainer" programs for corporate and local site level security and threat assessment teams in:

  • Hospitals & Healthcare Organizations
  • Traveling Executives
  • In-Home Health Care Workers
  • Paramedic and EMT Professionals
  • Social Services Agencies
  • Clinics and Family Practice Centers
  • Mental Health Clinics & Facilities

When you contact WCI Consulting regarding your organization's needs, you will receive a personal reply and attention directly from Mr. Miller, our director and CEO. That's how important you are, and how serious we are about helping you secure your organization and facility against violence in the workplace.

* All serious inquiries receive a complimentary copy of Mr. Miller's special report, "Attack-Proof Your Facility," which contains a special section just for organizations like yours, and will provide you with some very important and much-needed information about this critically important threat to staff and companies alike in today's world. That way, regardless of whether or not you choose to partner with WCI Consulting, you will be better able to put some of the necessary pieces in place to protect your company, your assets, and your people.

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Next Steps...

Take Action now BEFORE Another Nurse or Staff Member is Attacked and Injured!

REMEMBER: Violence is RANDOM!  It can strike at any time, and in any form, which is why your employee training program and security procedures and proticols MUST be tailored to your facility and needs!


Pick up the phone right now and call to speak with one of our expert security advisors, while this is top-of-mind. Call +1-570-884-1119,  before an act of workplace violence costs your organization more!